Booklet – ‘Wissenswertes uber Die Volksgesundheit in Australien’

[‘Facts About Health in Australia’] Commonwealth of Australia, 1959

Source: Museum Victoria

During the peak years of Australia’s post-war immigration programme, the Department of Immigration produced and updated a series of information booklets for prospective migrants from Britain and Europe. This German language version of ‘Facts About Health in Australia’ was issued to Dorothea Huber, who migrated from Austria to Melbourne in 1959.

Migrants to Australia encountered different health systems to the ones they were used to back home. There was no national health service. Hospital and medical benefits schemes encouraged people to take out private health insurance, without which they could not access supplementary government benefits for sickness or injury. Information on these schemes and their approximate costs are outlined briefly in the booklet. It also explains services such as baby health clinics which could be accessed free of charge.

Images throughout the booklet depict an active and enjoyable outdoor lifestyle. Together with the text, they construct Australia as a particularly healthful place:

‘A feature of life in Australia is the attention given to health. This life-long care and a good climate give Australia a standard of health that is one of the highest in the world’.