I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped bring this website and virtual exhibition to fruition. They include curators, librarians and archivists from institutions across Australia who deftly assisted with my inquiries, the web design team at We Are Epic, Leicester, and colleagues and friends on both sides of the globe who gave generously of their time and expertise during the development of the content.

For their assistance with research inquiries, locating objects and securing images:
Elizabeth Triarico, Co-As-It Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano
Dr Laina Hall and Hermini Rohmursanto, National Museum of Australia
Dr Moya McFadzean and Toula Marra, Museum Victoria
Corinne Ball, Migration Museum, Adelaide, South Australia
Kathy Hackett, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Eleanor Goodwin, National Library of Australia

For their feedback on the draft exhibition text:
Professor Roberta Bivins, University of Warwick
Dr Simon Sleight, King’s College London
Catherine Manning, History Trust SA

And for invaluable advice and last minute website checks:
Professor Clare Anderson, University of Leicester
Dr Katherine Foxhall, University of Leicester
Chloe Lake